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Last active January 28, 2024 21:25
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A handy SQL debug function for Flask-SQLAlchemy
from . import app
from flask.ext.sqlalchemy import get_debug_queries
if app.debug:
def sql_debug(response):
queries = list(get_debug_queries())
query_str = ''
total_duration = 0.0
for q in queries:
total_duration += q.duration
stmt = str(q.statement % q.parameters).replace('\n', '\n ')
query_str += 'Query: {0}\nDuration: {1}ms\n\n'.format(stmt, round(q.duration * 1000, 2))
print '=' * 80
print ' SQL Queries - {0} Queries Executed in {1}ms'.format(len(queries), round(total_duration * 1000, 2))
print '=' * 80
print query_str.rstrip('\n')
print '=' * 80 + '\n'
return response
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awesome stuff

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Thanks a lot :)

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flask.ext.sqlalchemy - is deprecated. So using:

from flask_sqlalchemy import get_debug_queries

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pattoM commented Jun 28, 2018

Please revise for python 3 and above

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This is really awesome! THANKS!!!

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Awesome! Thank a lot!

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alirezashojaei commented Jan 13, 2022

Thank you for that useful function

I just added an if statement for myself to prevent useless prints

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