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$pink: #F781F3
$grey: #A4A4A4
@import 'helper/colors'
@import 'base/typography'
background-color: white
width: 100%
height: 40px
text-align: center
position: absolute
top: 0
left: 0
background-color: pink
display: inline-block
height: 30%
padding: 25px
width: 100%
text-align: center
background-color: green
width: 20%
height: 25%
display: inline-block
margin: 10px 15px
background-color: white
text-align: left
max-width: 100%

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@angelbotto angelbotto commented Oct 8, 2015

en la linea 14 y 28 las variables debes llamarlas con el signo $ 👍

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