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Created December 30, 2022 22:07
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Example of Creating Inventory Adjustment PUT and Release Action
var authApi = new AuthApi(siteURL, requestInterceptor: RequestLogger.LogRequest, responseInterceptor: RequestLogger.LogResponse);
AuthApi.OAuthScope scope = AuthApi.OAuthScope.API;
var configuration = authApi.ReceiveAccessToken(IC.AcumaticaClientID, IC.AcumaticaSecret, IC.AcumaticaUserID, IC.AcumaticaPwd, scope);
authApi.Configuration = configuration;
//Insert the Login code here....
//The configuration object is used in all of the remaining API calls.
//Once Logged In, we can populate the InventoryAdjustmentDetail object with the transaction details:
var inventoryadjapi = new InventoryAdjustmentApi(configuration); List<InventoryAdjustmentDetail> adjDetails = new List<InventoryAdjustmentDetail>();
adjDetails.Add(new InventoryAdjustmentDetail
InventoryID = new StringValue { Value = "AALEGO500" },
LocationID = new StringValue { Value = "R1S1" },
WarehouseID = new StringValue { Value = "WHOLESALE" },
ReasonCode = new StringValue { Value = "INADJUST" },
Qty = new DecimalValue { Value = 7},
LotSerialNbr = new StringValue { Value = "" },
UOM = new StringValue { Value = "EA" }
//Once all of the detail lines are populated, we can create the header, InventoryAdjustment object, and //add the details to it:
InventoryAdjustment adjdoc = new InventoryAdjustment
Date = new DateTimeValue { Value = "12/22/2022"},
Hold = new BooleanValue { Value = false },
Details = adjDetails
//Next, the data is saved by performing the PUT command.
InventoryAdjustment newadjdoc = inventoryadjapi.PutEntity(adjdoc, "ReferenceNbr");
//And finally, the Release Action is invoked to finish the job.
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