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Emacs build pack error
cat Procfile
web: tar xzf emacs.tar.gz && ln -s $PWD/emacs /tmp/emacs; emacs/bin/emacs --daemon --load init.el
heroku ps
Process State Command
------- --------------- ------------------------------------
web.1 crashed for 51s tar xzf emacs.tar.gz && ln -s $PWD..
;;; init.el
(require 'elnode (concat load-file-name "elnode.el"))
(defun handler (httpcon)
"Demonstration function"
(elnode-http-start httpcon "200"
'("Content-type" . "text/html")
`("Server" . ,(concat "GNU Emacs " emacs-version)))
(elnode-http-return httpcon "<html><body><h1>Hello from Emacs 2!</h1></body></html>"))
(elnode-start 'handler (string-to-number (or (getenv "PORT") "8080")) "")
(while t (accept-process-output nil 1))
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