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Forked from pvsdileep/input.tsv
Created Jun 10, 2020
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Example input table for Few-Shot NLG
Feature Value
Name_1 charles
Name_2 whibley
alias <none>
Image_1 charles
Image_2 whibley
Image_3 1859-1930
image_4 .
Image_5 jpg
Caption_1 charles
Caption_2 whibley
Caption_3 ,
Caption_4 english
Caption_5 writer
Caption_6 and
Caption_7 journalist
Occupation_1 writer
Occupation_2 and
Occupation_3 journalist
Birth_date_1 9
Birth_date_2 december
Birth_date_3 1859
Birth_place_1 sevenoaks
Birth_place_2 ,
Birth_place_3 kent
Birth_place_4 ,
Birth_place_5 england
death_date_1 4
Death_date_2 march
Death_date_3 1930
Death_place_1 hyères
Death_place_2 ,
Death_place_3 france
Spouse_1 ethel
Spouse_2 whibley
Spouse_3 ,
Spouse_4 née
Spouse_5 ethel
Spouse_6 birnie
Spouse_7 philip
spouse_8 (
Spouse_9 1896-1920
spouse_10 )
Spouse_11 philippa
Spouse_12 whibley
Spouse_13 ,
Spouse_14 née
Spouse_15 philippa
Spouse_16 raleigh
spouse_17 (
Spouse_18 1927-1930
spouse_19 )
Parents_1 ambrose
Parents_2 whibley
Parents_3 and
Parents_4 mary
Parents_5 jean
Parents_6 davy
religion <none>
signature <none>
Article_title_1 charles
article_title_2 whibley
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