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sudo apt-get install htop -y # This is not necessary, I just have it for check the resources consumption
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install golang-go -y
export GOPATH=$HOME/go
tar xvfz go-ipfs_v0.4.15_linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo mv go-ipfs/ipfs /usr/local/bin/ipfs
ipfs init
ipfs config Addresses.Gateway /ip4/
ipfs config --json API.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Origin '["*"]'
ipfs config --json API.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Methods '["PUT", "GET", "POST"]'
ipfs config --json Gateway.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Origin '["*"]'
ipfs config --json Gateway.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Methods '["PUT", "GET", "POST", "OPTIONS"]'
ipfs config --json Gateway.Writable true
ipfs config --json Gateway.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Expose-Headers '["Ipfs-Hash"]'
ipfs daemon
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