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What would you like to do?
What I would like to read about on @12devsGulp3
End of year, time for lists:
- Three websites that made you yell "wow!"
- Three developers that made you change your mind about something
- Three talks/speeches you liked the most
- Three articles/blog posts that made you think for day
Or, if you want something more specific:
- Gulp 4, did you transitioned already? how smooth it was? anything I need to know before migrating my build process?
- Npm 3, did you already started to use it? Something we can start to use to create reusable "packages" of CSS/Sass libs?
- The definition of "web development" is broadening every day, more and more; will we end up to be all "specialist of something", no more "unicorns" and ?
- Is Javascript going to be "the" programming language? Client-side and server-side, web and native, the holy grail of an "universal" language?
- After "flat" and "material", what will be the next hype in website design?
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