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Using Cloudflare Workers and API to block access to the pages filtered if the IP belongs to a blacklisted IP address of the service
addEventListener('fetch', event => {
async function fetchAndCheckOrigin(req) {
try {
const body = await req.body;
const ip = req.headers.get('cf-connecting-ip');
const apilityio = await fetch('' + ip + '?token=APILITY_IO_API_KEY');
const status = await apilityio.status;
if (status == 200) {
// The IP has been found in any blacklist
return new Response('Sorry, you cannot access this site from this IP: ' + ip,
{ status: 403, statusText: 'Forbidden' })
if (status == 429) {
// Quota Exceeded. Too many requests.
return new Response('Your quota has run out. Please change your plan to support more traffic.',
{ status: 429, statusText: 'Too many requests.' })
return await fetch(req)
} catch (err) {
return new Response('Internal Error')
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