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Exploring App Bundles
1. Create a bundle with Android Studio 3.2 alpha 15: Build->Build Bundles/Apks->Build Bundle
2. Download Bundle Tool
3. Create with contents:
java -jar ~/downloads/bundletool.jar "$@"
5. Run equivalant of following command (or add to path and run just `bundletool`)
./ build-apks --bundle=/Users/mnakhi/projects/high-tops/app/build/outputs/bundle/debug/bundle.aab --output=/Users/mnakhi/projects/high-tops/debug2.apks --ks=PATHTOYOURKEY --ks-key-alias=YOURKEYALIAS
6. Installing: ./ install-apks --apks=/Users/mnakhi/projects/high-tops/apks.apks
6. Exploring contents: Find apks.apks and rename to
7. Unzip and explore different apks
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