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Change Navigation tab order in WC Vendors Pro
// Add this to your themes functions.php to change the order, rearrage the lines. First line is first item, last is last etc.
add_filter( 'wcv_dashboard_pages_nav', 'change_nav_order');
function change_nav_order( $pages ){
$new_nav_order = array();
$new_nav_order['dashboard_home'] = $pages['dashboard_home'];
$new_nav_order['order'] = $pages['order'];
$new_nav_order['product'] = $pages['product'];
$new_nav_order['rating'] = $pages['rating'];
$new_nav_order['shop_coupon'] = $pages['shop_coupon'];
$new_nav_order['settings'] = $pages['settings'];
$new_nav_order['view_store'] = $pages['view_store'];
return $new_nav_order;
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