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Git hook to call `bower install` and `npm install` automatically.
echo "[post-rewrite hook: $1]"
# by noahgrant & digitaljhelms
# quick script to call "bower install" and "npm install" automatically if
# bower.json or package.json are changed, respectively
# this assumes one top-level file for each
changedfiles=( `git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only HEAD@{1} HEAD` )
if [[ "${changedfiles[*]}" =~ "bower.json" ]]; then
echo "bower installing"
bower install && bower update
if [[ "${changedfiles[*]}" =~ "package.json" ]]; then
echo "npm installing"
npm install
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ghost commented Aug 28, 2014

Awesome, thanks for sharing 👍

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Thanks for sharing!

There is a minor issue: you should change #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash, or you'll get a syntax error. Maybe something is not POSIX compliant, and does not work with "basic" shells like dash.

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