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Interesting and/or useful dev links
  • How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript – Link
    • The npm Blog – kik, left-pad, and npm – Link
  • Electron – Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies – Link
  • What every Browser knows about you – Link
  • Android Studio 2.0 | Android Developers Blog – Link
  • Dev Centers – Directory of developer center websites with memorable URL shortcuts – Link
  • Java Forever And Ever Movie (Java vs Windows .Net) – Link
  • Everything announced at Facebook's F8 conference – Link
    • New Facebook dev tools include Account Kit, push and quote sharing – Link
  • Kite – augment your coding environment with all the internet’s programming knowledge – Link
  • Argus Eyes – A lightweight CLI tool for visual regression testing – Link
    • una/diffee: Instant visual diffing in the browser – Link
  • Apiary – Build beautiful APIs – Link
  • Mockable: Quickly define REST or SOAP endpoints and have them return JSON or XML data – Link
  • Perf.Rocks – Find resources that help you build lightning fast websites – Link
    • Tools | Perf.Rocks – Analysis, optimization and monitoring tools including Grunt, Gulp and Broccoli plugins – Link
  • ObjGen – Live JSON Generator – Link
  • Dev.Opera – Front-End Performance: The Dark Side – Link
  • Almost complete guide to flexbox (without flexbox) – Link
  • All You Need to Know About Web Rendering – Link
  • Nodal – API Services Made Easy With Node.js – Link
  • Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously) – Link
  • Google says page speed ranking factor to use mobile page speed for mobile sites in upcoming months – Link
  • List of useful Quick Look plugins for developers – Link
  • HTML layout helper based on CSS flexbox specification – Link
  • A list of everything that could go in the of your document – Link
  • Ignoring Git Hooks When Rebasing – Link
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