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Friedel Ziegelmayer dignifiedquire

  • Germany
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use async_imap::{connect, error::Result};
use async_std::prelude::*;
use async_std::task;
use async_tls::TlsConnector;
use std::time::Duration;
fn main() -> Result<()> {
task::block_on(async {
let server = "";
async fn compare_path(&self, path_files: Vec<File>) -> Vec<File> {
let changed_files = Vec::with_capacity(path_files.len());
let changed_files = Arc::new(Mutex::new(changed_files));
let mut handles = Vec::with_capacity(path_files.len());
// Check all files
for file in path_files {
let changed_files = Arc::clone(&changed_files);
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MIT: tokio-sync, tokio-timer, tokio-executor, kernel32-sys, string, tokio, winutil, generic-array, tokio-tcp, argon2rs, try-lock, rustyline, redox_syscall, slab, phf_shared, tokio-threadpool, h2, http-body, try_from, unsafe-any, openssl-sys, darling_macro, libsqlite3-sys, memoffset, rusqlite, circular, nix, strum_macros, lettre, synstructure, strsim, tokio-current-thread, darling, tokio-io, darling_core, miniz_oxide_c_api, ws2_32-sys, schannel, nom, winapi, bytes, phf, r2d2_sqlite, want, void, tokio-buf, winreg, unicase, hostname, owning_ref, hyper, matches, mime_guess, redox_users, scoped_threadpool, strum, tokio-reactor, miniz_oxide, enum_primitive, mio
BSD-2-Clause: cloudabi, mach
BSD-3-Clause: ed25519-dalek, x25519-dalek, fuchsia-zircon, fuchsia-zircon-sys, subtle, curve25519-dalek
Apache-2.0: openssl
MPL-2.0: ascii_utils, fast_chemail
BSD-3-Clause AND Zlib: adler32
CC0-1.0: constant_time_eq, keccak
ISC: rdrand
MPL: deltachat
License specified in file (/Users/dignifiedquire/.cargo/registry/src/
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$ cargo fix --edition
Checking pgp v0.1.0 (/Users/dignifiedquire/opensource/rpgp)
warning: failed to automatically apply fixes suggested by rustc to crate `pgp`
after fixes were automatically applied the compiler reported errors within these files:
* src/composed/
* src/composed/signed_key/

benches with u32 digits

running 43 tests
test divide_0          ... bench:         876 ns/iter (+/- 73)
test divide_1          ... bench:      13,661 ns/iter (+/- 2,020)
test divide_2          ... bench:     697,781 ns/iter (+/- 239,589)
test fac_to_string     ... bench:       1,048 ns/iter (+/- 133)
test factorial_100     ... bench:       8,093 ns/iter (+/- 2,855)
test fib2_100          ... bench:       2,150 ns/iter (+/- 503)
View gist:db2f8dc1185cb560e88ca471144cb1b0
ipfs daemon
Initializing daemon...
Swarm listening on /ip4/
Swarm listening on /ip4/
Swarm listening on /ip4/
Swarm listening on /ip4/
Swarm listening on /ip6/2a02:8071:b689:2000:4ea:b2c:43a3:dc93/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/2a02:8071:b689:2000:5d67:6d90:8956:99d8/tcp/4001
Swarm listening on /ip6/::1/tcp/4001
API server listening on /ip4/
View elcid.js
const multihashing = require('multihashing-async')
const CID = require('cids')
const mh = require('multihashing')
// data - Buffer or string, the data to encode
// hashtype - string
// codec - string, 'dag-pb' or 'dag-cbor', one
// callback - called with (Error, CID) depending on the result
function elcidEncode (data, hashtype, codec, callback) {
if (typeof data === 'string') {
View peerinfo.js
// torn between addr, multiaddr, multiaddress and address
// multi<> seems not needed as we only ever talk about multiaddresses so I feel that is superflous in this context
// Manage multiaddrs
// TODO: do we want ttl handling now?
class MultiaddrSet {
constructor (addrs) {}
get length () {}
View log.txt
DEBUG=libp2p* node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha --timeout 50000 test/index.spec.js
libp2p:swarm:dialer create: 8 peer limit, 10000 dial timeout +0ms
libp2p:swarm:transport adding TCP +6ms
libp2p:tcp:listen Listening on 9990 +6ms
libp2p:swarm:dialer create: 8 peer limit, 10000 dial timeout +3ms
libp2p:swarm:transport adding TCP +1ms
libp2p:tcp:listen Listening on 9991 +1ms
View gx-slow
./bin/gx --verbose install
installing package: go-ipfs-0.4.6-dev
[1 / 49] fetched dep: goprocess
[2 / 49] fetched dep: go-log
[3 / 49] fetched dep: go-libp2p-crypto
[4 / 49] fetched dep: semver
[5 / 49] fetched dep: go-libp2p-peer
[6 / 49] fetched dep: bbloom
[7 / 49] fetched dep: go-libp2p-secio
[8 / 49] fetched dep: base32
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