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dillera /
Created Dec 16, 2021 — forked from byt3bl33d3r/
Python script to detect if an HTTP server is potentially vulnerable to the log4j 0day RCE (
#! /usr/bin/env python3
Needs Requests (pip3 install requests)
Author: Marcello Salvati, Twitter: @byt3bl33d3r
License: DWTFUWANTWTL (Do What Ever the Fuck You Want With This License)
This should allow you to detect if something is potentially exploitable to the log4j 0day dropped on December 9th 2021.
dillera / ffkilltabs
Created Dec 8, 2021
Firefox Kill Tabs
View ffkilltabs
/* START -----------------------------------------------------------------to hide the native tabs */
@namespace url("");
/* to hide the native tabs */
#TabsToolbar {
visibility: collapse;
#main-window[privatebrowsingmode="temporary"] #TabsToolBar {
visibility: visible !important;
/* Minimize sidebar header to a light blue stripe (except Bookmarks, History, Sync'd Tabs); appears normally on hover */
View setup via brew
brew install cask maestral
brew install cask microsoft-edge
brew install cask slack
brew install cask discord
brew install cask microsoft-office
brew install cask microsoft-teams
brew install cask omnigraffle
brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts
brew install font-inconsolata
Building irix QEMU on Ubuntu 20 LTS
5.11.0-40-generic #44~20.04.2-Ubuntu
gh repo clone sgidevnet/qemu-irix
sudo apt-get install build-essential zlib1g-dev pkg-config libglib2.0-dev \
binutils-dev libboost-all-dev autoconf libtool libssl-dev libpixman-1-dev \
python3-pip python-capstone python libncurses-dev libgcrypt-dev \
# Must rebuild: zlib
rpmbuild -ba zlib.spec --nocheck
touch ~/rpmbuild/PROGRESS/zlib.done
# Must rebuild: xz
rpmbuild -ba xz.spec --nocheck
touch ~/rpmbuild/PROGRESS/xz.done
# Must rebuild: xosview
rpmbuild -ba xosview.spec --nocheck
touch ~/rpmbuild/PROGRESS/xosview.done
View vlad_rse_sshd_install
Vlad's SSHD RSE Fix, install & text
Nov 2021
git checkout wip-testing
cd ~/rpmbuild
cp -r ~/code/sgug-rse/packages/openssh/* ~/rpmbuild/
dillera / 5-3-irix-install-2021.txt
Created Sep 8, 2021
IRIX 5.3 Full Output from Install
View 5-3-irix-install-2021.txt
System Maintenance Menu
1) Start System
2) Install System Software
3) Run Diagnostics
4) Recover System
5) Enter Command Monitor
dillera /
Last active Apr 28, 2021
auto builder
# acdiller v1.0.5 trying to automate rse builds
# april2021
# > now it installs all created rpms properly
dillera / diablo_install.txt
Last active Sep 27, 2021
Installing Diablo on IRIX using remote RPMs
View diablo_install.txt
Here are some directions to install Diablo (devilutionX) on your SGI running IRIX.
- THANKS to Onre, HAL, Unxmaal, jenna16bit, mach-kernal of SGI UG! They did this.
- tested on 6.5.30, with RSE 0.0.7 on a Fuel and base Octane 1. Sound just works
- this is using SDL2, so many more games are in the pipeline!
- all packages were built on my Fuel with RSE 0.0.7 and patches and help from the gang above
- the dandyum repo host is mine and running on Digital Ocean droplet
- many hours of hacking, building packages and staging so you can install with one command... enjoy
- join us and help at
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[root@dandyum2 007]# tree
├── base
│   ├── mips
│   │   ├── CUnit-2.1.3-23.sgug.mips.rpm
│   │   ├── CUnit-devel-2.1.3-23.sgug.mips.rpm
│   │   ├── alternatives-1.11-8.sgug.mips.rpm
│   │   ├── at-spi2-atk-2.34.2-1.sgug.mips.rpm
│   │   ├── at-spi2-atk-devel-2.34.2-1.sgug.mips.rpm