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dillonkrug / gist:ca7dad3482d48e146adc
Created February 28, 2015 20:44
node-inspector process sample
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Sampling process 66991 for 1 seconds with 1 millisecond of run time between samples
Sampling completed, processing symbols...
Analysis of sampling node (pid 66991) every 1 millisecond
Process: node [66991]
Path: ~/.nvm/versions/node/v0.12.0/bin/node
Load Address: 0x100000000
Identifier: node
Version: ???
Code Type: X86-64
Parent Process: zsh [61302]
dillonkrug / kick
Last active June 25, 2018 06:54
forever watch file + multiple directories (using a watchIgnore glob)
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forever start --uid 'appname' -o app.log -e error.log -a -w --watchIgnore '!{app.js,{src,common,lib}/**}' app
# breaking it down:
# --uid 'appname' name the process so we can use `forever stop appname`.
# the quotes are necessary.
# -o app.log / -e error.log pipe stdout/stderr to files
# -a append to said files