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basic VIM commands


v(*)"+y - will copy lines selected in Visual mode.


zfat or zfit - folds HTML by indentation?

Find / Replace:

:s%/foo/bar/g - Change each 'foo' to 'bar', (% means in every line)

Windows Resizing:

ctrl + w then [n](optional) then direction (<< or >>)


:b# - back to previusly buffered command


:Vexplore - vertical explorer window


gg = G - normalizes indentation

Vim Surround

cst=[tag] - change surround tag or symbol


h - left

j - down

k - up

l - right


:q - discard and quit :x - save and quite. add ! (bang) to force


x - delete single charater d$ - delete everything follwoing the current cursor position ( to the end of the line ) dw - delete word , or everyting until the start of the next word, EXCLUDING its first character 'de' - delete everything to the end of the current word, INCLUDING the last character.

Motions with count:

(n)w- move n words forward (n)e- move to the end of the nth word foward 0 - move to the begining of the current line

Deletion with motions:

d(n)w - deletes the n numbe of words (n)dd - deletes n number of lines


u - undoes the last commands U - undoes changes to a line Ctrl (command) + r - undoes the undos #<= wtf??


A - start inerting at the end of line (without replacing the last char)

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