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Last active Apr 4, 2021
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My repositories, indexed

My repositories, indexed

Front-end modules

  • skeleton-screens-concept - A Skeleton Screens implementation for SPA first load in CSS
  • overflow-color - Automatically switch css html background color to bring a smooth user experience
  • semantic.css - Classless CSS framework for building quick semantic HTML pages prototypes
  • use-mouse-action - React Hooks to listen to both mouse down or up and click events with a once called function

Node.js modules

PostCSS plugins

  • postcss-import-ext-glob - A PostCSS plugin to extend postcss-import path resolver to allow glob usage as path
  • postcss-inline-media - Media queries shortcut, built on PostCSS, example: font-size: 20px @1200 18px @480 16px;

Color themes


  • lepto - Automated image Editing, Optimization and Analysis via CLI and a web interface
  • lepto-cli - Lepto CLI
  • lepto-resize - Lepto plugin for resizing images and create retina
  • lepto-vibrant-color - Lepto plugin using node-vibrant
  • lepto-webp - Lepto plugin for creating webp alternatives

Other open source projects

  • midi-controller-css - Use Korg NanoKontrol midi controller to physically edit your PostCSS files
  • thermoskoul - Arduino + Servo Motor system to turn off and on my apartment boiler on specific hours
  • legal-terms - Open source legal notices and terms templates for your website
  • rpi-thermostat - Transform your RPi into a very simple connected thermostat

Personal stuff

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