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How to scrape all Google Maps Reviews in Python | SerpApi
# video:
from serpapi import GoogleSearch
from urllib.parse import urlsplit, parse_qsl
import json
params = {
"api_key": "your sepapi api key", # your api key
"engine": "google_maps_reviews", # serpapi search engine
"hl": "en", # language of the search
"data_id": "0x549041cdf279071f:0xb4634cde435eb7ec" # place id data located inside Google Maps Place URL: located inside `data=` query parameter.
search = GoogleSearch(params)
reviews = []
page_num = 0
while True:
page_num += 1
results = search.get_dict()
print(f"Extracting reviews from {page_num} page.")
if not "error" in results:
for result in results.get("reviews", []): # return an empty list [] if no reviews from the place
"page": page_num,
"name": result.get("user").get("name"),
"link": result.get("user").get("link"),
"thumbnail": result.get("user").get("thumbnail"),
"rating": result.get("rating"),
"date": result.get("date"),
"snippet": result.get("snippet"),
"images": result.get("images"),
"local_guide": result.get("user").get("local_guide"),
# other data
if results.get("serpapi_pagination").get("next") and results.get("serpapi_pagination").get("next_page_token"):
# split URL in parts as a dict and update search "params" variable to a new page that will be passed to GoogleSearch()
print(json.dumps(reviews, indent=2, ensure_ascii=False))
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