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struct FilesHelper {
//get image path in Public folder
static func getImagePath(fileName:String) -> URL{
let directory = DirectoryConfig.detect()
let workingDirectory = directory.workDir
let workingDirectoryPath = URL(fileURLWithPath:workingDirectory)
let destination = workingDirectoryPath.appendingPathComponent("Public/\(fileName)")
return destination
//check if the image resized before or not
static func isFound(fileName:String) -> Bool{
let destination = getImagePath(fileName: fileName)
return FileManager().fileExists(atPath: destination.path)
static func geNewFileName(urlString:String,width:Int,height:Int) -> String{
//add width and height in image name to enable the image to be resized with different size
let fileNameWithoutExtension = urlString.fileName()
let fileExtension = urlString.fileExtension()
return "\(fileNameWithoutExtension)_\(width)x\(height).\(fileExtension)"
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