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Whenever I try using Frida from the official repo I kept getting the following errors after which my device panics and restarts:
default 15:46:47.251624 +0530 kernel AMFI: '/private/var/tmp/frida-D8kjW6.dylib' has no CMS blob?
default 15:46:47.251817 +0530 kernel AMFI: '/private/var/tmp/frida-D8kjW6.dylib': Unrecoverable CT signature issue, bailing out.
Looks like codesigning/entitlements issue. Here are the steps I followed to get Frida Running on a jailbroken iOS 12 device
Downloads Latest version of Frida from In my case it was frida-server-12.4.0-ios-arm64.xz.
xz -d frida-server-12.4.0-ios-arm64.xz
scp frida-server-12.4.0-ios-arm64 root@<ios-device-ip>:/usr/bin/frida-server
SSH into the device.
cd /tmp
ldid -e /bin/bash > entitlements.xml
ldid -Sentitlements.xml /usr/bin/frida-server
inject /usr/bin/frida-server
chmod +x /usr/bin/frida-server
Note: For signing you can also use `ldid -S -M -K/usr/share/jailbreak/signcert.p12 /usr/bin/frida-server`
Then from your laptop you can use something like “frida-ps -Uai” to verify that Frida works.
Maybe add the required entitlements during the build phase to get it running?
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