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Last active Aug 29, 2017

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Apache SIS - Google Summer of Code 2017
Work report
1. JDBC implementation has been completely replaced with Android SQLite connection and ready for use.
2. Java2D functionality reproduced by creating Java2D like wrapper classes by wrapping Android graphics classes.
3. Maven configurations are modified to build for Android with the help of Android maven plugin and
added AndroidManifest files.
Work left to do
1. Android graphics library lacks classes to support double precision calculations. So there are test case failures
due to use of float instead of double. As discussed with the mentor, we will be able to reduce usage of some of that
classes for avoiding the precision problem.
2. Currently minimum sdk version needed is version 26 because of some usage found of the java.nio.file package. We could
make it to sdk version 19 if we eliminate usage of the above package.
3. Replace usages of javax.imageio classes with Android supported classes. sis-storage module has some classes
which has imports from from javax.imageio package.
Link to the changes:-
*Note: Tests should be skipped with -DskipTests when compiling since maven does not configured to run Android
Instrumented tests.
I worked on a forked repository of the sis project. In the main SIS project, Android branch has been created and some
migration of the code has started.
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