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PySpark demo Application example unit test
from tests.test_utils.test_spark import spark_session
from pyspark.sql import DataFrame, Row, SparkSession
from pyspark.sql.functions import col
from src.job import amount_spent_udf
def test_amount_spent_udf(spark_session: SparkSession) -> None:
input_df = spark_session.createDataFrame([
Row(customer_name="Geoffrey", date="2016-04-22", category="Foo", product_name="Bar", quantity=1, price=2.00),
result = amount_spent_udf(data=input_df)
assert isinstance(result, DataFrame)
assert result.count() == input_df.count()
assert sorted(result.columns) == ['amount_spent', 'category', 'customer_name', 'date', 'price',
'product_name', 'quantity']
assert result.collect()[0].amount_spent == 2.00
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