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Setup launcher icon (.desktop file) for AMPPS. Tested for elementaryOS freya, but should work with most ubuntu derivates.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# AMPPS wants to be already in the right working directory
cd /usr/local/ampps;
# And since we're there now, we can use the shorthand to start
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Web Development Stack of Softaculous
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# AMPPS wants root rights, but because the working directory is also important, we need to call another helper script as root
# this is the pkexec variant
pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY /usr/local/share/amppsbootstrap
# this is the gksudo variant
#gksudo /usr/local/share/amppsbootstrap

Fix/Create AMPPS Launcher icon (.desktop file)

Install AMPPS with default options (at this time of writing there are no options). Expecting it is installed in /usr/local/ampps/*

Since its important to place the new files at specific locations, you need to adapt the filename as requested. All files are owned by root.

ampps_starter: place this file exactly as /usr/local/bin/ampps and make it executable

ampps_bootstrapper: place this file exactly as /usr/local/share/amppsbootstrap and make it executable

ampps_desktop: place this file exactly as /usr/share/applications/ampps.desktop


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BassemN commented Apr 7, 2017

Thank you 👍

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Phiph commented Apr 18, 2017

Where can I buy you a beer? This has saved me from installing a different distro!

Thank you 👍

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arvi commented Apr 27, 2017

Thank you. It worked for me. :)

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androbiotic commented Jun 26, 2017

done thank you

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i'm trying but not showing on my applications

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sobujbd commented Aug 16, 2017

Thanks, its worked for me.

And, it might be helpful.

Create file touch then insert these codes.

sudo cp -R -v ampps_starter /usr/local/bin/ampps
sudo cp -R -v ampps_bootstrapper /usr/local/share/amppsbootstrap
sudo cp -R -v ampps_desktop /usr/share/applications/ampps.desktop
sudo chmod -R -v +x /usr/local/bin/ampps
sudo chmod -R -v +x /usr/local/share/amppsbootstrap
echo "AMPPS launcher icon (.desktop file) installation done!"
echo "Press Enter to Close this Window..."

Open terminal and run
sudo bash

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Thanks for this, works great! I like the too, maybe a pull request to add it to the repository and documentation? Made installing super easy for me.

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great work (Y)

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Thank you @dionysius and @sobujbd!

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maravento commented Oct 7, 2021

it doesn't' work with Ampps 3.9. fix this:
sudo QT_X11_NO_MITSHM=1 /usr/local/ampps/Ampps

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