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Connect to your BB10 device through ssh

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Create session using blackberry-connect, this tool resides inside your SDK dirs, the host dir i.e
$ blackberry-connect -password <password> -sshPublicKey ~/.ssh/bb10/id_rsa
create a config file inside ~/.ssh folder
Host bb10
User devuser
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/bb10/id_rsa
$ ssh bb10

can you help me about my problem?

Rischans-MacBook:bin macintosh$ ./blackberry-connect -password rischan -sshPublicKey /Users/macintosh/.ssh/
Info: Connecting to target
Info: Authenticating with target
Info: Encryption parameters verified
Info: Authenticating with target credentials.
Info: Successfully authenticated with target credentials.
Info: Sending ssh key to target
Error: Connection refused: Provided ssh key is too small (4096-bit minimum).
Error: Unable to send ssh key to target

solved => use -b 4096
ex : ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" -b 4096

You can generate the keys with putty as well, while keeping the same key length, that is 4096. A detailed guide is available here:
Just an alternative in case anyone needs it.

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