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Mesos Server startup errors
#Command - ./bin/ --zk=zk://localhost:2181/mesos --work_dir=/tmp/master --quorum=1
I0116 10:25:22.632302 119017472 group.cpp:385] Trying to create path '/mesos' in ZooKeeper
terminate called recursively
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::bad_lexical_cast> >'
*** Aborted at 1421432722 (unix time) try "date -d @1421432722" if you are using GNU date ***
what(): bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted as target
PC: @ 0x7fff97525282 __pthread_kill
*** SIGABRT (@0x7fff97525282) received by PID 12475 (TID 0x107181000) stack trace: ***
@ 0x7fff998bff1a _sigtramp
@ 0x30 (unknown)
@ 0x7fff8fddab73 abort
@ 0x10503e64c __gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler()
I0116 10:25:22.635041 120090624 network.hpp:424] ZooKeeper group memberships changed
I0116 10:25:22.635196 121700352 master.cpp:318] Master 20150116-102522-16777343-5050-12475 (localhost) started on
W0116 10:25:22.635277 121700352 master.cpp:322]
Master bound to loopback interface! Cannot communicate with remote schedulers or slaves. You might want to set '--ip' flag to a routable IP address.
I0116 10:25:22.635323 121700352 master.cpp:366] Master allowing unauthenticated frameworks to register
I0116 10:25:22.635332 121700352 master.cpp:371] Master allowing unauthenticated slaves to register
I0116 10:25:22.635781 120627200 group.cpp:659] Trying to get '/mesos/log_replicas/0000000008' in ZooKeeper
I0116 10:25:22.639031 122236928 network.hpp:466] ZooKeeper group PIDs: { log-replica(1)@ }
@ 0x1003848e2 boost::detail::lexical_cast_do_cast<>::lexical_cast_impl()
@ 0x10037b444 boost::lexical_cast<>()
@ 0x1004933df numify<>()
@ 0x1009a5a72 zookeeper::GroupProcess::cache()
I0116 10:25:22.645381 87584768 contender.cpp:131] Joining the ZK group
@ 0x1009a7277 zookeeper::GroupProcess::sync()
@ 0x1009a24d3 zookeeper::GroupProcess::connected()
@ 0x1009cc6ef _ZZN7process8dispatchIN9zookeeper12GroupProcessExbxbEEvRKNS_3PIDIT_EEMS4_FvT0_T1_ET2_T3_ENKUlPNS_11ProcessBaseEE_clESF_
@ 0x1009ccd84 _ZNSt17_Function_handlerIFvPN7process11ProcessBaseEEZNS0_8dispatchIN9zookeeper12GroupProcessExbxbEEvRKNS0_3PIDIT_EEMS8_FvT0_T1_ET2_T3_EUlS2_E_E9_M_invokeERKSt9_Any_dataS2_
@ 0x100d16f9d std::function<>::operator()()
@ 0x100cf5a25 process::ProcessBase::visit()
@ 0x100d012c4 process::DispatchEvent::visit()
@ 0x10000dcc4 process::ProcessBase::serve()
@ 0x100cf188f process::ProcessManager::resume()
@ 0x100ce7b48 process::schedule()
@ 0x7fff9308f2fc _pthread_body
@ 0x7fff9308f279 _pthread_start
@ 0x7fff9308d4b1 thread_start
Abort trap: 6
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