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Install Browserquest on Amazon EC2
# see
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install --yes build-essential g++ libssl-dev curl git-core
apt-get install --yes libxml2-dev libssl0.9.8
export NODE_VERSION='0.6.8'
tar xvfz node-v$NODE_VERSION.tar.gz
cd node-v$NODE_VERSION
./configure --prefix=~/local
make install
cd ~
# add node to path
# (see
export PATH=~/local/bin:${PATH}
echo 'export PATH=~/local/bin:${PATH}' >> ~/.bashrc
curl | sh
npm install underscore log bison websocket websocket-server sanitizer memcache
git clone
# I usually start client and servers in separate screens
# screen -S server
node server/js/main.js
# screen -S client
cd client
npm install -g http-server
# (edit config_local.json)
cp -r ../shared .
cp config/config_local.json config/config_build.json
http-server -p 80

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commented Feb 1, 2014

line 10 needs to be changed to wget$NODE_VERSION/node-v$NODE_VERSION.tar.gz for it to work now
line 24 change http tp https curl | sh


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Owner Author

commented Mar 16, 2014

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