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# let's construct some byte code
# x <- 42
# y <- x + 42
bcode <- .Internal(mkCode(
12L, # this is an identifier which byte-code version you use (I think)
# each line is an operator, the first item is the operator, followed by operands (aka. arguments)
16L, 0L, # Operator "LDCONST" (load constant) from the index 1 in the constant pool
# now value 1 is on the stack
22L, 1L, # Operator "SETVAR" (set variable) assign the last value on the stack to the name at index 2
# 1 was removed from the stack,
# but the return value of the assignment is now on the stack again
4L, # let's pop that value,
20L, 1L, # Operator "GETVAR": let's load x (get var operator)
# since 1 is now on the stack, we need to add 1 to it and then assign it
# to y
16L, 0L, # Now let's load a constant again from index 1
44L, 2L, # Let's add the last two values. Add has one argument, the original expression. Not sure why
22L, 3L, # now set the value on the stack to the name at index 4
15L, # make the value in visible
1L # return
list(# the constant pool (a list of values and some rules)
quote(x + 42),"y")
#> [1] 84
#> [1] 42
#> [1] 84
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