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Forked from cyberrob-zz/cropAndStraightenBatch.jsx
Last active November 5, 2023 19:00
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An photoshop batch script for crop & straighten photo from Jeffrey Tranberry
// cropAndStraightenBatch.jsx
// Copyright 2006-2008
// Written by Jeffrey Tranberry
// Photoshop for Geeks Version 2.0
This script demonstates how to batch process
a folder of images using the crop and straighten command
// enable double clicking from the
// Macintosh Finder or the Windows Explorer
#target photoshop
// Make Photoshop the frontmost application
// in case we double clicked the file
// A list of file extensions to skip, keep them lower case
gFilesToSkip = Array( "db", "xmp", "thm", "txt", "doc", "md0", "tb0", "adobebridgedb", "adobebridgedbt", "bc", "bct" );
function main() {
//Make sure there are no open documents
if (app.documents.length > 0){
alert ("This script requires that there are no open documents to run.");
// Pops open a dialog for the user to choose the folder of documents to process
var inputFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Select a folder of documents to process");
// Pops open a dialog for the user to set the output folder
var outputFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Select a folder for the output files");
// Open and process a folder of Images
OpenFolderRecursively(inputFolder, outputFolder);
// Given the a Folder of files, open the files and process them
function OpenFolderRecursively(inputFolder, outputFolder) {
var filesOpened = 0;
var fileList = inputFolder.getFiles();
for ( var i = 0; i < fileList.length; i++ ) {
// Make sure all the files in the folder are compatible with PS
if ( fileList[i] instanceof File && ! fileList[i].hidden && ! IsFileOneOfThese( fileList[i], gFilesToSkip )) {
open( fileList[i] );
// Put all your processing functions...
// Create a variable to store a reference to
// the currently active document, which in this
// case is the parent document we want to extract
// multiple scanned images from
var docRef = app.activeDocument;
// Run the cropAndStraighten function
// which will rusult in more than one open document
// Close the parent document we originally opened
// Process all open documents until no documents
// are left open.
while (app.documents.length >=1){
// Put all your processing functions...
// Flatten the document in case the file type we want to save to requires a flat doc
//Save as a JPEG to the outputFolder
var jpegOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions();
jpegOptions.quality = 10;
jpegOptions.embedColorProfile = false;
app.activeDocument.saveAs( File( outputFolder + "/" + + ".jpg"), jpegOptions, false);
// Close without saving
// the area between these two comments.
// the area between these two comments.
// go recursive
if (!(fileList[i] instanceof File)) {
var newOuputFolder = new Folder(outputFolder + "/" + new Folder(fileList[i]).name);
OpenFolderRecursively(fileList[i], newOuputFolder);
return filesOpened;
// given a file name and a list of extensions
// determine if this file is in the list of extensions
function IsFileOneOfThese( inFileName, inArrayOfFileExtensions ) {
var lastDot = inFileName.toString().lastIndexOf( "." );
if ( lastDot == -1 ) {
return false;
var strLength = inFileName.toString().length;
var extension = inFileName.toString().substr( lastDot + 1, strLength - lastDot );
extension = extension.toLowerCase();
for (var i = 0; i < inArrayOfFileExtensions.length; i++ ) {
if ( extension == inArrayOfFileExtensions[i] ) {
return true;
return false;
// Crop and Straighten function created
// using the ScriptingListener plug-in
function cropAndStraighten(){
var id333 = stringIDToTypeID( "CropPhotosAuto0001" );
executeAction( id333, undefined, DialogModes.NO );
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atav32 commented Jan 10, 2020

Yeah, should probably include a check to make sure the output folder isn't inside the input folder. Otherwise infinite loops 😆

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Thanks atav32. That's not a problem. I just need to find how to do write the steps above.

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jaap commented Jan 14, 2022

Thanks @discostu105.
I've enhanced your script;

  • Made the script continue when it has an image it can't work with (resulted in a crash before)
  • Added a check to make sure the output folder is not the same or within the input folder (@atav32 's suggestion)
  • Set jpg quality to 12 (max)


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drmccann commented Mar 7, 2022

HUGE help - thank you for providing this to the public!

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