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Created July 30, 2018 01:28
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Script to generate images using a markov chain trained on hilbert curve mapped images
import markovify
import hilbert
import os
import os.path
import numpy as np
from PIL import Image
def rgb2hex(rgb):
hex_result = "".join([str(format(val, '02x')).upper() for val in rgb])
return f"{hex_result}"
def hex2rgb(color):
return list(int(color[i:i + 2], 16) for i in (0, 2, 4))
def get_images(dir):
valid_images = [".jpg", ".gif", ".png", ".tga"]
for f in os.listdir(dir):
ext = os.path.splitext(f)[1]
if ext.lower() not in valid_images:
yield, f))
def d2_to_arr(m, matrix):
result = [None] * (m ** 2)
for i in range(m):
for j in range(m):
result[hilbert.xy2d(m, j, i)] = matrix[i][j]
return result
def arr_to_d2(m, arr):
result = [[None] * m for _ in range(m)]
for i in range(len(arr)):
x, y = hilbert.d2xy(m, i)
result[y][x] = arr[i]
return result
IMG_DIR = './assorted_2'
SAVE_DIR = './assorted_2/generated'
# the hilbert curve mapping only works on squares whose sides are a power of 2
IMG_SIZE = 512
corpus = []
for image in get_images(IMG_DIR):
image = image.convert("RGB")
picture = list(image.getdata())
# take the 1d array from PIL and turn it into a 2d array for d2_to_arr
picture = [[list(picture[(i * IMG_SIZE) + j]) for j in range(IMG_SIZE)] for i in range(IMG_SIZE)]
picture = [[rgb2hex(j) for j in i] for i in picture]
# turns the image into a "sentence" using the hilbert curve
hilbert_picture = d2_to_arr(IMG_SIZE, picture)
print("Image Processed")
# trains the markov chain on our group of "sentences"
chain = markovify.Chain(corpus, STATE_SIZE)
print("Chain Trained")
generated = 0
while generated < GENERATE_N:
hilbert_picture = list(chain.gen())
# hilbert curve mapping only works on squares whose side is a power of 2
# you could do something like have various size images outputed that just get truncated down to the closest (smaller) power of 2
# or go to the closest larger power of 2 and fill in the missing pixels with black or transparency or whatever
# but i just wanted images of the same size i trained on so i make sure the "sentence" is long enough and then truncate
if len(hilbert_picture) >= (IMG_SIZE ** 2):
del hilbert_picture[(IMG_SIZE ** 2):]
for i, item in enumerate(hilbert_picture):
hilbert_picture[i] = hex2rgb(item)
# reverses the hilbert curve mapping and save the image
picture = arr_to_d2(IMG_SIZE, hilbert_picture)
image = Image.fromarray(np.asarray(picture).astype('uint8'))
generated += 1
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