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Created July 1, 2022 08:06
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JetEngine media field text after upload
jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
let upload = $(this).find('.jet-engine-file-upload__input');
$(this).append('<input type="button" class="addfile" value="Choose file"/>');
$(this).append('<label class="labeladdfile">Choose file</label></div>');
let labelAdd = $(this).find('.labeladdfile');
let buttonAdd = $(this).find('.addfile');
let uploadValue = $(this).find('.jet-engine-file-upload__value');
$(this).find('.addfile').click(function () {
let buttonDelete = $(this).siblings('.jet-engine-file-upload__content').find('.jet-engine-file-upload__files');
$(this).find('.jet-engine-file-upload__input').on('change', function(){
if( uploadValue[0].value === "is-hidden" ){
labelAdd.html("Choose file");
} else {
labelAdd.html("file uploaded");
buttonAdd.attr('value', 'File Uploaded')
buttonDelete.on('click', function(){
labelAdd.html("Choose file");
buttonAdd.attr('value', 'Choose file')
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Add this code to this plugin
And it will work like on video
Code is only for JetEngine Forms only
You can change the text of the button and label, as you need
All stylings for button will be taken from the theme

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