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parameter annotations (type, contract, etc.) in sweet.js
macro def {
case $name:ident ( $($params:ident : $type:ident) (,) ...) $body => {
// just throwing away the type annotation. The semantics of type
// annotations left as an exercise to the reader :)
function $name ($params (,) ...) $body
def add (a : Number, b : Number) {
return a + b;

disnet commented Oct 16, 2012

Note that making annotations optional are currently hampered by a bug, though there might be some clever workaround.

For closure compiler annotations, the macro needs the ability to output a comment. Currently, it seems that the literal comment is interpreted as a comment by sjs and thus not output. Is there a workaround for this?

It'd be nice if this could be used to write pretty asm.

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