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Last active Jan 10, 2019
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Rudolf Polzer - Chrome Web Store Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all Chrome extensions and apps on the account of Rudolf Polzer, in particular:

Data Collection

My extensions themselves do not collect any user data. All data used by them stays on your system and therefore under your control (but note the Chrome Sync exception below under Data Sharing).

Data Use

My extensions use data only for their in-extension described purpose, as follows:

  • Virtual Desktops uses your window positions and sizes in order to save and restore window positions, possibly even across reboots.

Data Sharing

My extensions do not share any data with third parties, with one exception:

  • When Chrome Sync is enabled, any information on the settings page (unless excluded on the settings page itself) will be shared with Google to enable the synchronization service.

Also be aware that when an extension is installed via the Chrome Web Store, information about the presence of the extension on your system may be shared with Google, and Google shares coarse usage statistics (total user counts, installs, uninstalls per day) with me.

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