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View pascal.clj
(ns pascal)
(defn step [row]
(let [parents (partition 2 1 row)
new-row-middle (map (fn [[x y]]
(+ x y))
(concat [1] new-row-middle [1])))
(defonce pascals-triangle
View ordered_infix.rb
def ordered_infix(*nums_and_ops)
initial_val = nums_and_ops[0]
op_num_pairs = nums_and_ops.drop(1).each_slice(2).to_a
op_num_pairs.reduce(initial_val) do |accumulator, op_num_pair|
op, num = op_num_pair
accumulator.send(op, num)
ordered_infix 10, '/', 2, '-', 1, '*', 2
divs1210 / watch_db.cljs
Created Dec 14, 2018
Lightweight logging of db state changes for reagent/re-frame
View watch_db.cljs
(defn watch-db []
(add-watch re-frame.db/app-db :watcher
(fn [_ _ old-state new-state]
(let [[removed added] ( old-state new-state)]
(when (or removed added)
(println "=====\nRemoved:")
(cljs.pprint/pprint removed)
(println "Added:")
(cljs.pprint/pprint added))))))
divs1210 / data.edn
Created Nov 24, 2018
sample edn data
View data.edn
{:result 1}
divs1210 / lazy.rb
Last active Nov 13, 2018
Lazy Seqs in Ruby
View lazy.rb
# Abstract Class
# ==============
class ISeq
def first
def rest
def [](idx)
divs1210 /
Last active Nov 3, 2018
Dead Simple Multiline Lambdas for Python
def do(*body):
return body[-1]
# Example (Python 2)
# =======
map(lambda x: do(
print('x =', x),
x * x),
divs1210 / calculus.clj
Last active Sep 20, 2019
Calculus in Clojure
View calculus.clj
(ns calculus)
(defonce ^:const dx 0.00001M)
(defn df
"Returns the derivative of f."
(fn [x]
(/ (- (f (+ x dx)) (f x))
divs1210 / fork-join-recur.clj
Created Oct 11, 2018
Clojure fork-join example
View fork-join-recur.clj
(ns fork-join-recur
(:import [java.util.concurrent ForkJoinPool
ForkJoinWorkerThread ForkJoinTask RecursiveTask]))
;; API
;; ===
(def ^:dynamic ^ForkJoinPool *pool* (ForkJoinPool/commonPool))
(defmacro fork [& body]
`(let [^ForkJoinTask task# (proxy [RecursiveTask] []
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