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How to convert markdown link to html using Pandoc

How to convert markdown link to html using Pandoc


Pandoc cannot convert a link's URL as expected.



<a href="./">Document</a>

Expected HTML:

<a href="./document.html">Document</a>


According to ota-meshi's procedures, it is quite easy.
The following is what I did in less than 15 minutes.

  1. Down and install Pandoc

  2. Down and install Python because Panflute requies Python to run.

  3. According to Panflute's guide I executed the following command.

    • no proxy

        > pip install panflute
    • behind proxy

        > pip install panflute --proxy http://<user id>:<password>@<proxy address>
  4. I also install pypandoc so that I can avoid using external commands.

    • no proxy

        > pip install pypandoc
    • behind proxy

        > pip install pypandoc --proxy http://<user id>:<password>@<proxy address>
  5. Copy and paste the following Python files to a temp folder.

  6. Move to the directory that contains markdown file(s).

  7. Execute the following command.
    By the way, this command automatically convert to index.html.
      - To use Japanese CSS (/ja/github.css)  

         > python <path to the temp folder>/ --locale ja
    • To use English CSS (/en/github.css)

        > python <path to the temp folder>/ --locale en
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