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Good-enough default IANA time zones by US state
AL America/Chicago
AK America/Anchorage
AS Pacific/Samoa
AZ America/Denver
AR America/Chicago
CA America/Los_Angeles
CO America/Denver
CT America/New_York
DE America/New_York
DC America/New_York
FL America/New_York
GA America/New_York
GU Pacific/Guam
HI Pacific/Honolulu
ID America/Denver
IL America/Chicago
IN America/New_York
IA America/Chicago
KS America/Chicago
KY America/New_York
LA America/Chicago
ME America/New_York
MD America/New_York
MA America/New_York
MI America/New_York
MN America/Chicago
MS America/Chicago
MO America/Chicago
MT America/Denver
NE America/Chicago
NV America/Denver
NH America/New_York
NJ America/New_York
NM America/Denver
NY America/New_York
NC America/New_York
ND America/Chicago
MP Pacific/Guam
OH America/New_York
OK America/Chicago
OR America/Denver
PA America/New_York
PR America/Puerto_Rico
RI America/New_York
SC America/New_York
SD America/Chicago
TN America/New_York
TX America/Chicago
UT America/Denver
VT America/New_York
VA America/New_York
VI America/Puerto_Rico
WA America/Los_Angeles
WV America/New_York
WI America/Chicago
WY America/Denver
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