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Last active April 25, 2020 14:16
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install pigz on boot2docker tiny core linux environments (i.e. dinghy) for speedup on docker image layer extraction

connect to the boot2docker image via dinghy ssh

# /var/lib/boot2docker/
set -o errexit -o errtrace -o pipefail -o xtrace
su - docker -c " \
cd /tmp \
&& if [ ! -f pigz.tar.gz ]; then curl -o pigz.tar.gz${PIGZ_VERSION}.tar.gz; fi \
&& echo '' > /opt/tcemirror \
&& tce-load -wi zlib_base-dev glibc_base-dev glibc_add_lib make gcc linux-${LINUX_HEADERS_VERSION}_api_headers \
&& tar zvxf /var/lib/boot2docker/pigz.tar.gz && cd pigz-${PIGZ_VERSION} && make clean && make \
cp pigz /usr/local/bin && cp unpigz /usr/local/bin
# /var/lib/boot2docker/profile
# <boot2docker env variables omitted for brevity>
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