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Created Feb 6, 2022
opentelemetry-stackdriver example
use std::env;
use std::net::SocketAddr;
use std::str::FromStr;
use async_trait::async_trait;
use gcp_auth::AuthenticationManager;
use mendes::application::{Context, Responder, Server};
use mendes::http::request::Parts;
use mendes::http::{HeaderMap, Response, StatusCode};
use mendes::hyper::Body;

We are happy to announce the release of 0.7.0 of Quinn, our pure-Rust implementation of the QUIC protocol, the next generation TCP replacement protocol currently being standardized at the IETF.

After 10 months of development since the release of 0.6.0, we finally have a new release which upgrades the protocol to draft-29 (with support for draft 32). It has additionally received many performance improvements (especially on Linux), is much more robust, provides a number of new APIs to inspect connection state, and traits that can be used to customize behavior. Our quinn crate has been updated to depend on tokio 1.

The focus of our HTTP/3 implementation work has shifted to the h3 crate.

Important changes:

  • Update to Tokio 1, rustls 0.19 and bytes 1 (#873, with fixes in #995 thanks to @geieredgar)
  • Update to draft 29 with support for draft 32 (#812, #879)
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extern crate diesel;
extern crate dotenv;
extern crate futures;
extern crate hyper;
extern crate juniper;
extern crate r2d2;
extern crate r2d2_diesel;
extern crate serde;
extern crate serde_json;
extern crate trackpay;

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I hereby claim:

  • I am djc on github.
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To claim this, I am signing this object:

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