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SELECT 'model.User' AS NUCLEUS_TYPE,A0.firstName,,A0.lastName FROM `User` A0 WHERE IN(290)
SELECT 'model.UserEmail' AS NUCLEUS_TYPE,,A0.`primary`,A0.userId FROM UserEmail A0 WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 'model.User' AS NUCLEUS_TYPE, AS DN_APPID FROM `User` A0_SUB WHERE IN(290) AND A0.userId =
2015-05-13 06:59:34 [work-14748] WARN - Exception thrown during refresh
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: javax.jdo.JDODataStoreException: Timeout after 30000ms of waiting for a connection.
Caused by: java.sql.SQLTimeoutException: Timeout after 30000ms of waiting for a connection.
at com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.BaseHikariPool.getConnection( ~[HikariCP-java6-2.3.5.jar:na]
at com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.BaseHikariPool.getConnection( ~[HikariCP-java6-2.3.5.jar:na]
at com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource.getConnection( ~[HikariCP-java6-2.3.5.jar:na]
at ~[datanucleus-rdbms-4.0.7.jar:na]
at$ManagedConnectionImpl.getConnection( ~[datanucleus-rdbms-4.0.7.jar:na]
private static final Integer IDLE_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT = 240000;
private static final Boolean PREP_STMT_CACHE_DEFAULT = true;
private static final Integer PREP_STMT_CACHE_SIZE_DEFAULT = 250;
private static final Integer PREP_STMT_CACHE_SQL_LIMIT_DEFAULT = 2048;
private static final Integer MAX_POOL_SIZE = 15;
private static final Integer MIN_IDLE_POOL = 5;
private static final Integer LEAK_DETECTION_THRESHOLD = 30000;
final HikariConfig hikariConfig = new HikariConfig();
2015-04-18 18:53:38.203 [work-4] INFO c.y.m.d.dao.BasePersistentDao - getByField - START: 1429383218203
2015-04-18 18:53:38.204 [work-4] DEBUG DataNucleus.Persistence - ExecutionContext "org.datanucleus.ExecutionContextImpl@1419f960" opened for datastore "" with txn="org.datanucleus.TransactionImpl@11983c8b"
2015-04-18 18:53:38.204 [work-4] INFO c.y.m.d.dao.BasePersistentDao - getByField - PMP: 1429383218204
2015-04-18 18:53:38.204 [work-4] DEBUG DataNucleus.Query - Query "SELECT FROM <candidateClass> WHERE :param1.contains(code) FetchPlan [default]" of language "JDOQL" has been run before so reusing existing generic compilation
2015-04-18 18:53:38.204 [work-4] DEBUG DataNucleus.Query - JDOQL Query : Compiling "SELECT FROM <candidateClass> WHERE :param1.contains(code)" for datastore
2015-04-18 18:53:38.204 [work-4] DEBUG DataNucleus.Query - Parameter ParameterExpression{param1} is being resolved as a literal, so the query is no longer precompilable