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Daniel Jay Haskin djhaskin987

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djhaskin987 / st2scheduler-scrubbed.log
Created Dec 19, 2018
Stackstorm Concurrency Error
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2018-12-18 23:18:56,684 140672270229168 INFO handler [-] Scheduling liveaction: second_task_run (queue_item_id=5c19c6b022edb20192bc631f) (queue_item_id='5c19c6b022edb20192bc631f',liveaction_id='second_task_run')
2018-12-18 23:18:56,688 140672270229168 DEBUG policies [-] Applying pre-run policies for liveaction "second_task_run".
2018-12-18 23:18:56,690 140672270229168 DEBUG policies [-] Getting driver for policy "my_pack.my_pack.concurrency" (action.concurrency).
2018-12-18 23:18:56,690 140672270229168 DEBUG policies [-] Identified 1 policies for the action "".
2018-12-18 23:18:56,693 140672270229168 DEBUG concurrency [-] ConcurrencyApplicator is attempting to acquire lock ",policy_type=action.concurrency".
2018-12-18 23:18:56,693 140672270229168 INFO policies [-] Applying policy "my_pack.my_pack.concurrency" (action.concurrency) for liveaction "second_task_run".
2018-12-18 23:18:56,694 140672265936400 DEBUG connection [-] Sending request(xid=18): Exists(path=u'/tooz/locks
djhaskin987 / Main.hs
Created Nov 18, 2018
Haskell JSON-RPC nested struct server example
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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
{-# LANGUAGE DeriveGeneric #-}
{-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-}
-- The purpose of this RPC example is to show how to define a method using
-- JSON-RPC in Haskell without having to explicitly write the deserialization
-- code. It also shows at the same time that nested structs in the `params`
-- object in the RPC call are possible and even easy.
-- It is built off of the original json-rpc server example, found here:
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2018-06-28 21:38:37.101 29017 INFO mistral.notifiers.notification_server [req-22840e07-dbe4-4213-9ab7-a2b6ae0fe840 - - - - -] Received RPC request 'notify'[ex_id=fca02cf9-e359-4f15-8399-f87fed8f5b51, event=WORKFLOW_FAILED, timestamp=2018-06-28T21:38:36.000000, data={u'workflow_name': u'examples.mistral-basic', u'updated_at': u'2018-06-28 21:38:36', u'workflow_id': u'39a0a055-68f9-439c-8475-7ecde31af63f', u'id': u'fca02cf9-e359-4f15-8399-f87fed8f5b51', u'state_info': u"Failure caused by error in tasks: task1\n\n task1 [task_ex_id=a9cfeda0-d8ee-4f00-bddf-d807a12ab25d] -> {status: 404, cookies: {}, encoding: None, url:, elapsed: 0.006918, content: {u'faultstring': u'The resource could not be found.'}, headers: {u'Content-Length': u'57', u'Access-Control-Allow-Headers': u'Content-Type,Authorization,X-Auth-Token,St2-Api-Key,X-Request-ID', u'Access-Control-Expose-Headers': u'Content-Type,X-Limit,X-Total-Count,X-Request-ID', u'X-Request-ID': u'015a26a0-512d-4570-9706-e85736050037'
djhaskin987 / png2icns
Created Dec 21, 2016
Convert PNG file to ICNS file
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# Stolen from here:
if [ -z "${1}" -o -z "${2}" ]
echo "Usage: ${0} <name> <original-png-location>"
djhaskin987 /
Last active Dec 12, 2016
Install screen with 256 color support on mac
set -xe
git clone git://
cd screen/src
sudo mkdir -p /etc/opt/screen
./configure --prefix=/opt/djhaskin987/screen --sysconfdir=/etc/opt/djhaskin987/screen/ --localstatedir=/var/opt/djhaskin987/screen/ --enable-colors256
djhaskin987 /
Created Dec 12, 2016
Update alternatives in a directory
set -x
for i in $(ls -1A $dir)
if [ -x ${dir}/${i} ]
update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/${i} ${i} ${dir}/${i} 1
djhaskin987 / .gitattributes
Last active Sep 14, 2016
catch-all, end-all, One to Rule Them All, comprehensive gitattributes file; or, notes of my travels through other people's code.
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# Use this line at your own risk
# * text=auto
# Editor save files
# (these should be in your gitignore)
*~ text
.*.sw[a-z] text
\#* text
.#* text
djhaskin987 /
Created Aug 30, 2016
Options to use with XFreeRDP
set -x
xfreerdp \
+clipboard \
+compression \
/audio-mode:2 \
/network:lan \
/cert-ignore \
djhaskin987 / functions
Last active Jul 31, 2016
Useful Clojure Macros
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(defn assoc-conj
"Conjoin a value onto the list corresponding to the key `k` in `mp`."
[mp k v]
(if (empty? mp)
{k [v]}
(if (empty? (mp k))
(assoc mp [v])
(assoc mp
(conj (mp k)
djhaskin987 / header_of_pwfile.gpg
Last active May 26, 2016
For use with keeping track of passwords with gnupg.vim in encrypted text files
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# vim: nobackup nowritebackup noswapfile bufhidden=wipe tw=0 conceallevel=2 concealcursor=nvc foldmethod=syntax syntax=password
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