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Derek J. Lambert djlambert

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import logging
from typing import Text
import sqlalchemy as sa
from sqlalchemy import orm
from sqlalchemy.engine.url import make_url
from import config
import logging
from datetime import datetime, timezone
from typing import Any, Dict, Text, Tuple
import billiard.einfo as beinfo
import kombu
import sqlalchemy as sa
from celery import Celery as _Celery, Task as CeleryTask
from celery._state import get_current_task
from celery.utils.log import get_task_logger
import asyncio
import json
import logging
from uuid import UUID
import aio_pika
import websockets.exceptions as ws_exc
from fastapi import APIRouter, Path
from starlette import status
from starlette.websockets import WebSocket
import string
import pyparsing as pp
from sqlalchemy.sql.operators import ColumnOperators
from typing import Text
from .models.base import Base
from .exception.filter_parser_exception import FilterParserException
class FilterParser(object):
djlambert /
Created Jun 22, 2016 — forked from l0ki000/
Cisco Anyconnect CSD wrapper for OpenConnect (exhanced to autodownload and autoupdate hostscan)
# Cisco Anyconnect CSD wrapper for OpenConnect
# Enter your vpn host here
if [[ -z ${CSD_HOSTNAME} ]]
echo "Define CSD_HOSTNAME with vpn-host in script text. Exiting."
exit 1
View samba.spec.4.3.4-1.patch
--- orig/samba.spec.4.3.4-1.orig 2016-01-25 09:46:10.533151047 -0600
+++ samba.spec 2016-01-29 07:39:38.291768866 -0600
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
# The testsuite is disabled by default. Set --with testsuite or %bcond_without
# to run the Samba torture testsuite.
%bcond_with testsuite
+%bcond_with dc
# ctdb is enabled by default, you can disable it with: --without clustering
%bcond_without clustering