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# See the for usage and configuration info
# This line defines which node.js Docker image to leverage
# Available versions are described at
FROM node:8-alpine
# Sets the default working directory to /app which is where we copy the service files to.
# TODO: for security purposes, you should update this Dockerfile to specify your own target user/group
# -S stands for '--system'
# -G stands for group
# -R changes the ownership rights of a file recursively
RUN addgroup -S axway-group && adduser -S axway-user -G axway-group && \
chown -R axway-user:axway-group /app
# Set non-root user
USER axway-user
# Denotes to copy all files in the service to 'app' folder in the container
COPY --chown=axway-user:axway-group . /app
# Install service dependencies relevant for production builds skipping all development dependencies.
RUN npm install --production --no-optional
# Starts the service
CMD ["node", "."]
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