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Last active May 31, 2018
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name actionPerm access scopes in-tree custom in tools custom in treeherder notes
retrigger generic all push yes yes yes bug
edit and retrigger generic all push no yes yes treeherder redirects to task-creator
add-new-jobs generic all push yes
run-all-talos generic all push yes
backfill generic all push yes no bug
cancel-all generic all cancel yes yes
retrigger-mochitest-reftest-with-options generic all push yes
purge-caches generic all purge yes yes
release-promotion =name limited rel yes
rerun generic all push yes
run-missing-tests generic all push yes
schedule generic all push no yes doesn't need to be implemented (move to debug options in tools)
cancel generic all push no yes
create-interactive generic all push no yes yes only for L1, L2 pushes; treeherder redirects to tools

Other fixes:

  • Treeherder: add all actions to the drop-down like in tools site
  • Tools: omit built-in actions when available in actions.json
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