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OS X installation instructions for Elasticsearch + Kibana + Marvel

What is this?

Following this guide will set up a local Elasticsearch with Kibana and Marvel using Homebrew and Homebrew Cask


If you already have Java installed on your system, skip steps Install Cask and Install Java

If you already have Java and Homebrew installed on your system, skip steps Prerequisites, start at Install Elasticsearch and Kibana after running $ brew update

Install Homebrew

  • $ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Cask

  • $ brew tap caskroom/cask
  • $ brew install brew-cask

Install Java

  • $ brew cask install java

Install Elasticsearch and Kibana

  • $ brew install elasticsearch
  • $ brew install kibana

Install Marvel

  • $ cd /usr/local/Cellar/elasticsearch/<whatever version you have>
  • $ bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest


Start Applications

  • $ elasticsearch --config=/usr/local/opt/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml
  • $ kibana



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@rugaard rugaard commented May 11, 2017

Love this walkthrough. Helped me a lot.

But it looks like there's been a few changes:

  • Marvel is now part of the X-Pack module.
  • The path for installing plugins has changed to bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack

Thanks again, without this I would never have gotten it to work 👍


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@theevilbit theevilbit commented Sep 5, 2017

Brew cask installation:
brew install brew-cask-completion


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@coolboygym coolboygym commented Nov 7, 2017

What a beautiful guides. Thanks a lot.
Though, may be we need to add false in config file of both kibana and elasticsearch, which disable the security check when using x-pack.

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