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# Docs
# Using the skyscanner API
# install unirest into virtual env "flight"
# activate virtualenv
# workon flight
# Details
# From Jul 15 - Aug 30
# considering 5 day window
import unirest
import csv
import time
API_KEY = ""
origins = ['SYD', 'ALO', 'ZRH', 'MAD', 'DUB', 'NRT', 'ICN', 'WAW', 'ATL', 'AUS', 'DEN', 'SEA', 'BOS', 'DFW', 'SEA', 'SFO', 'JFK', 'PIT', 'LAX', 'SEA', 'SFO', 'SFO']
dests = ['my_dest1', 'my_dest2']
dates = [("2019-07-15", "....")]
# overwrite CSV with headers
with open('flights.csv', 'w') as fd:
fd.write('origin, dest, outbound, inbound, minPrice\n')
for date in dates:
for dest in dests:
for origin in origins:
# first create a session - this encodes the params
response ="",
"X-RapidAPI-Key": API_KEY,
"Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
"inboundDate": date[1],
"cabinClass": "economy",
"children": 0,
"infants": 0,
"country": "US",
"currency": "USD",
"locale": "en-US",
"originPlace": "{origin}-sky".format(origin=origin),
"destinationPlace": "{dest}-sky".format(dest=dest),
"outboundDate": date[0],
"adults": 1
# store session key to use in next request
print response.body
# error from response if origin = dest
if origin == dest:
minPrice = 0
session_id = response.headers.items()[3][1].split('v1.0/')[1]
url = "{session_id}?sortType=price&sortOrder=asc&pageIndex=0&pageSize=10"
url_params = url.format(session_id=session_id)
response = unirest.get(url_params,
"X-RapidAPI-Key": API_KEY
# Origin / Dest / Minimum price
if len(response.body['Itineraries']) > 0:
minPrice = response.body["Itineraries"][0]['PricingOptions'][0]['Price']
minPrice = 0
print "Origin={origin}, Destination={dest}, Outbound={outbound}, Inbound={inbound}, Min Price={minPrice}".format(
origin=origin, dest=dest, outbound=date[1], inbound=date[0], minPrice=minPrice
summary = '{origin}, {dest}, {outbound}, {inbound}, {minPrice}\n'.format(
origin=origin, dest=dest, outbound=date[1], inbound=date[0], minPrice=minPrice
with open('flights.csv', 'a') as fd:
# wait 5s to ensure API is ok with requests
print 'waiting....'
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