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Created April 17, 2020 02:56
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bash_aliases for Docker
# DOCKER - System
alias d.df='docker system df'
alias d.prune='docker system prune'
alias'docker system info'
# DOCKER - Shortcuts
alias d.att='docker attach'
alias d.diff='docker diff'
alias d.eb='dexbash'
alias d.img='docker images'
alias d.ins='docker inspect'
alias d.exec='docker exec $@'
alias d.logs='docker logs $@'
alias d.l='d.logs $@'
alias'docker ps'
alias d.rm='docker rm'
alias d.rmi='docker rmi'
alias'docker run'
alias d.start='docker start $@'
alias d.stop='docker stop $@'
alias d.restart='docker restart $@'
alias'docker-compose build'
alias dc.logs='docker-compose logs $@'
alias dc.up='docker-compose up'
alias dc.down='docker-compose down'
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