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Working from home

Adan Rehtla djravine

Working from home
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djravine / gist:cbece97e05f09c749b317743a2d6b0c4
Created January 14, 2020 23:34 — forked from barezina/
BackupRipper for iOS - Unpack an iOS iPhone Backup into its native files.
import sqlite3
import os
print('BackupRipper for iOS - v1.0')
def dict_factory(cursor, row):
d = {}
for idx, col in enumerate(cursor.description):
d[col[0]] = row[idx]
return d
djravine /
Created February 21, 2019 04:58 — forked from adrienbrault/
Script to reduce VM size before packaging for vagrant
# Credits to:
# -
# -
aptitude -y purge ri
aptitude -y purge installation-report landscape-common wireless-tools wpasupplicant ubuntu-serverguide
aptitude -y purge python-dbus libnl1 python-smartpm python-twisted-core libiw30
aptitude -y purge python-twisted-bin libdbus-glib-1-2 python-pexpect python-pycurl python-serial python-gobject python-pam python-openssl libffi5