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Development builds containing the Docker Desktop + Mutagen integration

This is a list of Docker Desktop for Mac development builds which contain mutagen. These are based on Edge, but may contain unexpected bugs. They should be used for testing the Mutagen feature rather than for production work.

2020-07-14: development snapshot:

  • Exclude files from a mutagen sync based on the .dockerignore file.
  • Flush around docker exec as well as docker run for more reliable scripting.
  • Fix a bug which could result in duplicates in the list of synchronised directories.
  • Allow the sync to be bypassed by using :consistent or :cached. In particular this means if you want the previous :delegated behaviour before mutagen, switch to :cached. This is backwards compatible with previous Docker versions.

2020-07-09: Edge

  • Respect consistency flags when used in a list of options (e.g. -v /foo:/bar:z,delegated

2020-06-25: Edge

  • Automatically set up a two-way file sync using :delegated option with docker run -v command.

2020-06-16: development snapshot:

  • Force a mutagen flush when starting and stopping containers, to make it easier to write scripts like docker run -v ... touch file and then ls file
  • Terminology: use synchronize rather than cache, to better match mutagen terminology
  • Delete synchronization state on "Reset to factory defaults"
  • Display a popup if the mutagen state is Halted, e.g. if too many files are suddenly deleted.
  • For diagnostics, use curl -X GET --unix-socket ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/docker-api.sock http:/localhost/synchronize/state (note new URI)

2020-05-26: development snapshot:

2020-05-21: development snapshot:

2020-05-20: Edge

  • Official edge release with the first version of the integration
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