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Deleted all the old instructions now that there's an easier way (as I expected would happen).
01> Download and run install with default
02> Open terminal as Administrator
03> cd to C:\Program Files\nodejs (C:\Program Files (86)\nodejs if you installed 32-bit version)
04> Copy npmrc to desktop (or somewhere you remember)
Per (OPTION 3)
05> npm install npm@2.0.0
06> npm update npm
07> Move copied npmrc from step 4 back
08> Exit terminal and restart AS Administrator
09> npm --version -should show latest npm v2 version
10> npm config get prefix -should show %APPDATA\npm
1> Download node.exe (not the msi package)
2> Copy node.exe to C:\Program Files\nodejs
UPDATE npm or/and install packages:
1> Open cmd.exe as Administrator
2> cd to C:\Program Files\nodejs
2> npm install/update npm -without "-g"
3> npm -g <package> -installs global packages in %APPDATA\npm\node_modules
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