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Example Ceph configuration
; enable secure authentication
auth supported = none
; allow ourselves to open a lot of files
max open files = 131072
; set log file
log file = /var/log/ceph/$name.log
; log_to_syslog = true ; uncomment this line to log to syslog
; set up pid files
pid file = /var/run/ceph/$
; If you want to run a IPv6 cluster, set this to true. Dual-stack isn't possible
;ms bind ipv6 = true
; monitors
; You need at least one. You need at least three if you want to
; tolerate any node failures. Always create an odd number.
mon data = /data/$name
host = i-000000c0
mon addr =
host = i-000000c2
mon addr =
; mds
; You need at least one. Define two to get a standby.
; where the mds keeps it's secret encryption keys
keyring = /data/keyring.$name
; mds logging to debug issues.
;debug ms = 1
;debug mds = 20
host = i-000000c0
host = i-000000c2
; osd
; You need at least one. Two if you want data to be replicated.
; Define as many as you like.
; This is where the btrfs volume will be mounted.
osd data = /data/$name
; This is an example of a file-based journal.
osd journal = /data/$name/journal
osd journal size = 1000 ; journal size, in megabytes
host = i-000000c0
host = i-000000c2
;btrfs devs = /dev/sdx
host = i-000000c3
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