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David Kebler dkebler

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Created February 19, 2023 16:18 — forked from fago/
Inotify script to trigger a command on file changes, e.g. rsync
# (c) Wolfgang Ziegler // fago
# Inotify script to trigger a command on file changes.
# The script triggers the command as soon as a file event occurs. Events
# occurring during command execution are aggregated and trigger a single command
# execution only.
# Usage example: Trigger rsync for synchronizing file changes.
add-ppa () {
if [ $EUID != 0 ]; then
sudo bash -c "$(declare -f add-ppa); add-ppa $*"
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Last active December 21, 2022 21:10
Install WidevineCDM into chromium
# -eux
function confirm()
echo -n "$@ "
read -e answer
for response in y Y yes YES Yes Sure sure SURE OK ok Ok
if [ "_$answer" == "_$response" ]
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Last active November 1, 2021 18:19
install the forked evdi module for amd gpu
# remove default evdi module and build and install this fork
# clone this
# put this script in the parent directory
echo "**** this script must be run from the parent of the the evdi repo ****"
ls -la /usr/src | grep evdi
echo enter the latest evdi driver version
read version
echo "***** moving /usr/src/evdi-$version to evdi-$version.original ****"
sudo mv /usr/src/evdi-$version evdi-$version.original
dkebler / !
Created April 21, 2021 17:50 — forked from Darkhogg/!
"Reboot to {OS}" scripts for rEFInd Next Boot selection
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Reboot to {OS}

This a collection of notes and files used in my quest to create "Reboot to Windows" and "Reboot to Linux" scripts (and desktop shortcuts) for Linux and Windows respectively that automatically reboot my system and instruct rEFInd to auto-select the appropriate OS entry.

General Information

The key for achieving this is to modify the EFI Variable PreviousBoot with GUID 36d08fa7-cf0b-42f5-8f14-68df73ed3740, which rEFInd uses to store the last entry selected in the menu and, if using the + default entry, will be used to select the default OS. By doing this, we trick rEFInd into booting the OS we choose without having to be physically there to press the keyboard.

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Last active February 6, 2021 21:18
acl based directory share between users
# Usage:
# share_dir [ -o <owner> -g <group> ] <directory> <list of space delimited users names/uid>
# use . for current directory
# -o forces own for directory, default is $USER
# -g forces group name for directory, default is "users" and if not available then $USER
# Note: script operates recursively on given directory!, use with caution
dkebler /
Created September 26, 2020 16:20
Hugo Release Update Script - supports extended version
# Version 0.21.0 8:26 PST, Nov 9, 2018
# inspried from this forum post
# if you have run into github api anonymous access limits which happens during debugging/dev then add user and token here or sourced from a separate file
# . ~/githubapitoken
if [ "$GITHUB_TOKEN" != "" ]; then
echo using access token with script
View sender.js
const net = require("net"), fs = require("fs");
let server, istream = fs.createReadStream("./sender/SC-02.pdf");
server = net.createServer(socket => {
istream.on("readable", function () {
let data;
while (data = {
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const net = require("net"), fs = require("fs"), remote_server = process.argv[2];
let socket;
socket = remote_server ? net.connect(8000, remote_server) : net.connect(8000);
let ostream = fs.createWriteStream("./receiver/SC-02.pdf");
let date = new Date(), size = 0, elapsed;
socket.on('data', chunk => {
size += chunk.length;
elapsed = new Date() - date;
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Last active March 4, 2023 22:45
Bash Script for Shrinking/Truncating a disk image
# WARNING this script could easily trash a image or worse a device. DO NOT USE IT WITH A DEVICE
# It will make a copy of the image to work on by default unless you use the -o option
# which you should NOT unless your image is much bigger than >16GB
# In other words test it on a disk image file that could be damaged.
# Use the -h option to see list of options
# You MUST use -t to do the last step truncation